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This is a web page containing the download of MSTS (Microsoft Train Simulator) add-ons for chinese railroad, including locomotives, rolling stocs, routes, etc. The downloads are given free of charge, and as-is, and copyrighted by various authors. You could not host any of the material download from this site without writen permission from us. To contact, please send email to

Chinese national railway is undergoing dramatic changes in recent years, with more and more high-speed trains being added, and many new high-speed passenger lines are being or have been built. This site will reflect these changes by adding new stuff regularly as we are backed by a large user community in China.

Travelling in China by train is still the top choice, especially if the trip is within 2000 KM. For those trips, you can take a night train and buy a ticket in one of the sleeping cars. You can get a sense of this trip by downloading some of the rolling stocks and play it.
Diesel Locomotive
This section contains the link to many Chinese diesel locomotives. Most Chinese diesels are designated as DF, i.e. East Wind.
Download Diesel Locomotive
Electric Locomotive
This section contains the link to many Chinese electric locomotives. Most Chinese electrics are designated as SS, i.e. Shaoshan, the birth place of Chairman Mao.
Download Electric Locomotive
Steam Locomotive
Up to early 1990s, you could still see a lot of steam locomotives in China. It is very rare now and your dream of operating one may only exist in the simulator. Common classes are QJ (marching forward), JS (construction) and SY (champion).
Download Steam Locomotive
China railfans built many MSTS routes, some are real, some are virtual. 
Download Routes
Comming Soon
Have not decided if we want to provide download of activities, since some may require a lot of efforts to make it run.
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